Thanks to the vision of Nigel Farage Britain has stopped the process of self-obliteration into the EU, and in doing so has sent a strong signal through the whole of Europe. I think the history books will recognize Nigel as the most important political figure in post-war Britain, and the 23rd of June as the day in which Europe began to get back democracy and freedom.

Internally the referendum has exposed the weaknesses of the traditional elitist parties, little connected with real people.The Conservatives have chosen a leader and a PM without bothering to ask their members, Labour is engaged in a bitter fight for power without debating what is really in the interest of its voters: it is clear the traditional parties are coming apart at the seams. Labour is probably going to self destruct, with the base moving towards a radical socialist party and the elites more and more detached from the working classes they once represented. In the Conservatives there is a civil war between those that want to take us out of the EU and those that want to stealthy void the referendum by kicking Brexit into the long grass or getting us into some sort of Norwegian-model trap. In either case it will be a government with very little attention to the interest of the workers.


Now more than ever we need UKIP, a party that connect directly with its voters and members, a party that represents the workers and that can take over from the crumbling Labour in Nottingham and across Britain.

Francesco Lari

Chairman, UKIP Nottingham City Branch


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