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AS MORE AND MORE PEOPLE COME FORWARD a dark picture is beginning to emerge in Nottingham. It’s increasingly becoming apparent that child abuse and paedophilia has been rife within Nottingham’s social services. The allegations of paedophilia, child abuse and related cover ups are so widespread, not just in Nottingham but across the country, that I almost don’t know where to begin. The Beechwood children’s home in Mapperley, Nottingham seems like an appropriate place to begin.

In her recent tweet the Labour MP Emily Thornberry expressed all her contempt for a Rochester elector whose only fault was to be a hard working man (the white van parked in front of his house)  who loves England (a couple of flags at the windows).


This tells more than a thousand interviews or analyses of the current gulf that exists between Labour and the workers they once represented. This distance, this reluctance to mix up with the “plebs”, is evident in their policies. An open door to cheap foreign labour to replace the hard working Englishman, favours over favours to the big banks and big corporations whose fat cat directors are the only ones who benefit from the EU.

Typical house of the new Labour voter?

But the tweet from Emily makes it clear to the electors that still believe that Labour is a party doing their interests. Emily Thornberry was forced to resign not because her ideas are at odds with the party, but because she expressed them publicly while her more shrewd colleagues are very careful not to let you know what they really think of the working people.  


There is currently only one party in the UK who has at heart the interest of the workers, and this party is UKIP. The problem of Labour is that the electors are not stupid, and in cities like Nottingham the winds of change are going to blow away the poor shadows of what was once a party who cared for the working people. 

Our countryside is subject to an unprecedented assault.

Due to immigration pressure, the official mantra is “we need more houses” and of course the builders find it much cheaper to build on Green Belt land than to reconvert Brownfields. And the HS2 project, with the new East Midland station built in the middle of nowhere, will open the way for new towns to be built on the Green Belt.

The politicians, from the LibDems, Labour and Conservatives are paying lip service to protecting the environment, but no real policy is implemented to defend it, and unscrupulous councils are pillaging the green areas. And once they are gone there is no coming back, the concrete slabs will have done an irreversible damage.

UKIP is committed to protect the Green Belt, and is putting forward a series of policies that will effectively save it. As a measure to avoid that local councils ignore the will of the people, the local electors will be given power to call a referendum against any proposed planning development on green belt area.

But we also recognise the needs of the building industry and the need to reconvert the Brownfield areas. Therefore, a UKIP Government will change the planning rules in the National Planning Policy Framework to make it easier to build on Brownfield sites instead of Greenfield sites. And a UKIP Government is to list the nationally available Brownfield sites for development and issue low-interest bonds to enable decontamination.

This combination of power to the people to block Greenfield planned developments, and incentives to the builders to use Brownfield areas will go a long way toward blocking the exploitation of our countryside.

And of course we totally oppose HS2, a project that will cost an extraordinary amount of moneys without bringing any real benefit. We will rather potentiate and electrify the existing railway lines, so as to help the environment and ease the toil of the commuters.

If you want to protect the environment there is only a party that walk the walk rather than only talk the talk: vote UKIP and save our countryside!

Francesco Lari Chairman,

UKIP Nottingham City Branch

There is great uproar, and rightly so, about the request of 2.1 billion Euros  of additional contributions made by the European Union. This is an astonishing amount of money. Think about how many people will have to lose their benefits, how much each one of us will have to pay to access the NHS, how much our  tax bills will rise, how many services will have to be cut if this extra contributions is to be paid into the coffers of the EU.

Then think 5 times as many cuts, 5 times more misery, 5 times the amount of taxes. Well… there is no need to use your imagination there. Because the UK is already footing a yearly bill to the European Union of more than 10 billion Euros. This late request of an extra contribution is merely 20% of what every year get pillaged from our public services. No wonder the councils have to cut services, the NHS is in crisis, and people on minimum wage are requested to pay a tax bill.

And where does this money go? The “minimum wage” of a Bruxelles employee is €2000/month, but it doesn’t take much time to rise to the higher echelons, at €18,370/month for the big wigs. And this is only their “basic salary”.  On top of that you have to add a lot of benefits that a worker in the UK could only dream of. No wonder they need more money to finance their lifestyle!

Getting out of the European Union is the way to prosperity: not only will we save the annual contribution, but we will be able to stop paying benefits to EU citizens coming here, and we will be able to throw away all the EU regulations that stifle our economy.


And free trade will improve as well, because as Switzerland teaches us, the nations of the world will race to draw free trade agreements with an independent and wealthy UK, and we will be able to negotiate better deals than the one that a failing EU is imposing on its members.

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