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IN response to the article 'NHS privatisation protests as outside firms get £76m', the NHS in England has been increasingly privatised right under our noses. The LibLabCon have regularly denied it, opting to blame each other.

The PFI (Private Finance Initiative) has crippled the NHS and this was done without a mandate from the electorate; there is no way an ordinary Labour voter would ...have consented to this.

The PFI was trialled under the Tories in the 90s, but shockingly Blair & Co took it to another level when they abandoned the principles held most dear by the working classes and sold £50 billion of PFI contracts. The taxpayer will now be paying back £300 billion in return.

You would have thought Gordon Brown would have learned a thing or two since selling our gold reserves at an all time low price.

Chris Leslie, Labour MP for Nottm East said services should be based on what is right for patients, and rightly so!

It is a pity his words are completely different the Labour party actions. Labour played a massive part in the privatisation of the NHS whilst denying it was doing so, therefore cannot be trusted.

The NHS was always meant to be free at the point of need and we will ensure that continues, prevent any further PFI contracts and return where affordable, the privatised services back under public control.


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