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In her recent tweet the Labour MP Emily Thornberry expressed all her contempt for a Rochester elector whose only fault was to be a hard working man (the white van parked in front of his house)  who loves England (a couple of flags at the windows).


This tells more than a thousand interviews or analyses of the current gulf that exists between Labour and the workers they once represented. This distance, this reluctance to mix up with the “plebs”, is evident in their policies. An open door to cheap foreign labour to replace the hard working Englishman, favours over favours to the big banks and big corporations whose fat cat directors are the only ones who benefit from the EU.

Typical house of the new Labour voter?

But the tweet from Emily makes it clear to the electors that still believe that Labour is a party doing their interests. Emily Thornberry was forced to resign not because her ideas are at odds with the party, but because she expressed them publicly while her more shrewd colleagues are very careful not to let you know what they really think of the working people.  


There is currently only one party in the UK who has at heart the interest of the workers, and this party is UKIP. The problem of Labour is that the electors are not stupid, and in cities like Nottingham the winds of change are going to blow away the poor shadows of what was once a party who cared for the working people. 

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