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There is great uproar, and rightly so, about the request of 2.1 billion Euros  of additional contributions made by the European Union. This is an astonishing amount of money. Think about how many people will have to lose their benefits, how much each one of us will have to pay to access the NHS, how much our  tax bills will rise, how many services will have to be cut if this extra contributions is to be paid into the coffers of the EU.

Then think 5 times as many cuts, 5 times more misery, 5 times the amount of taxes. Well… there is no need to use your imagination there. Because the UK is already footing a yearly bill to the European Union of more than 10 billion Euros. This late request of an extra contribution is merely 20% of what every year get pillaged from our public services. No wonder the councils have to cut services, the NHS is in crisis, and people on minimum wage are requested to pay a tax bill.

And where does this money go? The “minimum wage” of a Bruxelles employee is €2000/month, but it doesn’t take much time to rise to the higher echelons, at €18,370/month for the big wigs. And this is only their “basic salary”.  On top of that you have to add a lot of benefits that a worker in the UK could only dream of. No wonder they need more money to finance their lifestyle!

Getting out of the European Union is the way to prosperity: not only will we save the annual contribution, but we will be able to stop paying benefits to EU citizens coming here, and we will be able to throw away all the EU regulations that stifle our economy.


And free trade will improve as well, because as Switzerland teaches us, the nations of the world will race to draw free trade agreements with an independent and wealthy UK, and we will be able to negotiate better deals than the one that a failing EU is imposing on its members.

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