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Our countryside is subject to an unprecedented assault.

Due to immigration pressure, the official mantra is “we need more houses” and of course the builders find it much cheaper to build on Green Belt land than to reconvert Brownfields. And the HS2 project, with the new East Midland station built in the middle of nowhere, will open the way for new towns to be built on the Green Belt.

The politicians, from the LibDems, Labour and Conservatives are paying lip service to protecting the environment, but no real policy is implemented to defend it, and unscrupulous councils are pillaging the green areas. And once they are gone there is no coming back, the concrete slabs will have done an irreversible damage.

UKIP is committed to protect the Green Belt, and is putting forward a series of policies that will effectively save it. As a measure to avoid that local councils ignore the will of the people, the local electors will be given power to call a referendum against any proposed planning development on green belt area.

But we also recognise the needs of the building industry and the need to reconvert the Brownfield areas. Therefore, a UKIP Government will change the planning rules in the National Planning Policy Framework to make it easier to build on Brownfield sites instead of Greenfield sites. And a UKIP Government is to list the nationally available Brownfield sites for development and issue low-interest bonds to enable decontamination.

This combination of power to the people to block Greenfield planned developments, and incentives to the builders to use Brownfield areas will go a long way toward blocking the exploitation of our countryside.

And of course we totally oppose HS2, a project that will cost an extraordinary amount of moneys without bringing any real benefit. We will rather potentiate and electrify the existing railway lines, so as to help the environment and ease the toil of the commuters.

If you want to protect the environment there is only a party that walk the walk rather than only talk the talk: vote UKIP and save our countryside!

Francesco Lari Chairman,

UKIP Nottingham City Branch

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