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Robert Hall-Palmer

Ukip has announced the candidate to take over remainer Chris Leslie in Nottingham East. Chris Leslie is one of the few MPs to have voted against the adoption of article 50, trying to revert the result of the referendum.

Robert Hall-Palmer is a local businessman that represents perfectly the tradition of Ukip to choose candidates from people with a concrete background rather than professional politicians with little real world experience.

Robert has never stood for anything apart from local parish elections, but he feels that Nottingham East can be better represented by somebody that cares about the local community and is able to hold the Nottingham City Council to account.

He was born in Burton Joyce and attended Clarendon College in the city before attending Kings College in London. He spent his youth in Nottingham often at his father and grandfather’s work place on High Pavement.  As a child one of his memories was the family involvement in the Statue of Robin Hood outside the Castle. The statue was donated by the Clay family, and his grandfather acted for them in many matters.  The arrow and the bow were often being broken off, as the story goes it was the grandfather who came up with the idea of replacing the arrow and missing part of the bow with the steel we see today on the lower section of the bow. This used to shine in the sun, but has recently been painted brown in an attempt to match both halves.. 


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