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This year UKIP are fielding 42 candidates in the Nottinghamshire County Council elections.

This means that for the first time almost everyone in the County will have a credible alternative to the Established Parties.

UKIP District and Parish Councillors have been serving communities in Nottinghamshire for the last few years and they have all worked hard and made a real difference to the areas they represent.    

Hundreds of UKIP Councillors have been elected all over the country over the last two or three years and they are driving down council tax, stamping out waste and corruption and giving power back to the people.

We want to do the same here in Nottinghamshire but we can’t do it without you voting for your local UKIP candidate.    

The UKIP Nottinghamshire local manifesto gives you the key points of our common sense policies for a prosperous and attractive County.

We can’t afford another four years of Labour’s debt-fuelled spending on vanity projects where we pay for more but receive less. Nor should we have to put up with the Conservatives promising the world yet failing to deliver, whilst they sell the people's resources to their friends.    

Our roads are crumbling, they are getting worse under Labour locally, whilst nationally the Tory Government celebrates their spending on the roads that will only fill in half the pot-holes we currently have.  

UKIP proposes we don't just fill in the holes, roads are vital and we need to re-lay them, like we used to.    

Our schools are under-pressure that means our children are too.  Whilst care for our elderly has increasing costs, level of care is just not good enough; we pay for more but receive less.

Meanwhile those in-between are surrounded by Councils with agendas that always seem to put other people first, whether it is for housing, funding or care.    It is time we had a Council that worked for the residents of Nottinghamshire and not the other way round.  

The only question that is relevant is; do you want more of the same, or is it time for a change?    

In this local manifesto, you will see a collection of policies that have been put together by you, the residents of Nottinghamshire.  

I hope you find what we stand for to your liking; after all, if people like yourselves didn't tell us what to stand for, we wouldn't be here campaigning for the changes that you want to see.  

 Please vote for change on May 4th by putting an X next to your local UKIP candidates.      

Fran Loi    

Chairman of UKIP Nottinghamshire

Nottinghamshire Local Manifesto 2017

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