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The liberties that the Magna Carta enshrined and gave momentum to more liberties are being supported by UKIP in restoring those liberties and more.

  The Magna Carta established a number of liberties and code of conduct of government, including:


  • Politicians governing are not above the law
  • Nobody can be convicted without a fair trial
  • The right to trial by jury
  • No one can have their property seized without legal justification
  • No one can be arbitrarily arrested without evidence
  • No taxes could be levied without the consent of the realm


Example clauses:


39: no free man shall be imprisoned or deprived of his lands except by judgement of his peers or by the law of the land


40: To no one shall we sell, delay or deny right justice


The Magna Carta established property rights and boundaries, which were legally enforceable. This was an important improvement. Respecting property rights has led to a respect for human rights. A recent example is the period during the cold war, when there were military dictators in South America and communist dictators in China and the Soviet Union. Many people couldn’t understand why in Communism there were 10’s of millions who lost their life through the state, and in military dictatorships, there were 10’s of thousands who lost their lives. Then it was realised that in the military dictatorships, property rights were respected, which had more respect for life, even though less for liberty at the time.


So how is UKIP energising the spirit of liberty and what similarities with the build up to the establishment of the Magna Carta are there?


 UKIP Spirit of Magna Carta in 2015:


  • An In/Out Referendum on our EU membership to decide who governs the people of Britain, so that people who were not elected cannot override laws made in the UK
  • Petition and referendum on issues, local and national, ensuring that the will of the people can be heard
  • Repeal of the European Arrest Warrant, which currently allows for any citizen in the UK to be extradited by a foreign EU judge, without evidence needed in a UK court of law
  • A reduction in taxation, so that people who are on minimum wage will not pay income tax
  • Restore British courts as the highest courts and prevent arbitrary decisions by the European Court of Justice – e.g. prisoners the right to vote – overriding British laws and common sense
  • The restoring of border and immigration controls, to ensure that livelihoods of people British citizens are not lowered by higher accommodation costs and pressure on lowering wages, and also destruction of the environment to make housing provision for unnecessary immigration.


Just like in 1215 and after when the King reneged on the Magna Carta, so have successive politicians in government, about giving a free and fair referendum on who governs Britain – the EU or Parliament. UKIP is committed to giving British citizens the right to choose who governs them and to be subject to British law.


UKIP policy is also removing the ‘occupation of Britain’ by the EU. Yes, occupation. Let’s look at what happened during the Second World War – which the allies won. A country in Europe decided to cross international borders and take away self-government of other European countries, by: their military, control of legal system, control of taxation, control of education, control of currency, control of media, impose a free movement of people for their own people, and control of culture. No referendums were given. Countries such as the Netherlands, which chose neutrality, were ignored and had their liberties taken away. The similarities are very similar to today, except without the military force. UKIP policies are for restoring self-government and also supporting self-government in other countries. This respect for boundaries and the upholding of politicians being subject to the law and prevented from signing away liberties is a central part of UKIP policy.


The Magna Carta established the respect for property and helped with idea of property rights and so led to free enterprise and the industrial revolution and the improvements in the lives of billions of people. The same spirit of liberty outlawed slavery.


This time around, the forces signing away liberty and prosperity have more money, control of most of the TV, radio and print media, supporters in big business, big banking and media cartels, and falling voter support. They have all been defeated before and UKIP looks forward to campaigning with fellow Euro sceptics at this critical crossroads in our future.


UKIP is a multi-racial, pro-democracy party and the re-establishment of democracy, border controls and immigration controls will help the country move into balance again.


A referendum on who governs Britain, Parliament or the EU, would be like a ‘Magna Referendum’. An opportunity for the British people to realise that the last line of defence in democracy is their vote and their vote is their voice to help restore freedom, justice and prosperity for the many.


Adapted from an article by Hugo van Randwyck –UKIPDaily 6th March 2015


Stephen Crosby contested the May 2015 General Election for UKIP in the Nottingham North Constituency. His campaign attracted 6542 votes, an 18.5% share of the total votes cast.


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