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Stephen Crosby

UKIP has announced their candidate to contest the vacant seat in Nottingham North for the General Election.

Stephen Crosby has been reselected as the UKIP candidate at the Nottingham hustings having previously contested the constituency at the General Election 2 years ago and increased the UKIP share of the vote by 14.6% to a grand total of 18.5%. Stephen commented that he is delighted to be given the opportunity to build on the growth of the 2015 result, reinforced by the 63.8% who voted Leave in the EU Referendum. A UKIP MP will be the only assurance that Nottingham North is represented in Westminster with a clear agenda that Brexit means Exit from the EU, the other parties are imposters. He further added, "on a personal note, I wish the outgoing MP, Graham Allen a long and happy retirement following his announcement that he is not contesting the seat for health reasons".

Stephen lives and works in Hucknall on the boundary of Nottingham North and conducts business and social activity in neighbouring areas within the constituency.

He has been involved in voluntary community activity for 10 years engaging with the police, community groups, business traders, local government agencies and political representatives and is a Trustee of a volunteer only community group. The Duke of Edinburgh Award and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) training amongst young people are endorsed by Stephen as examples of character building foundation programmes which should be widely available to future generations.

Stephen is originally from Northern Ireland, he is married and has two daughters. As a late developer at school he combined family commitments and full time employment, becoming a self-employed Manufacturing Engineer in the aerospace industry.

He holds a Bachelor of Theology Degree, Master of Science in Manufacturing, Management and Technology and a Master of Philosophy in Manufacturing Engineering.

His employment experience has given him the opportunity to live in West Virginia and Seattle (USA), Belfast, Preston, Bristol and Nottingham. His shop floor problem solving role in a dynamic production environment has enabled him to develop listening and decision skills making whilst on his feet, aptitudes which will be well utilised in his future political activity.

He wishes to prioritise the issue of underachievement among our own young people being convinced that their full potential has not been realised in many of our low income families. He hopes to share his experience of family life, employment and community work as he serves his constituents and colleagues. Stephen sees one of his roles as the elected MP for Nottingham North to hold the Labour dominated Nottingham City Council to account where they are failing to deliver a satisfactory service. An example that concerned Stephen was the revelation that between 2011-16 the Council sold 1509 Council residential properties and only purchased 97 properties in the same period. The availability of a roof over your head and a good education in preparation for fulfilled employment will be priorities if Stephen is elected to represent Nottingham North on the 8th June.




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